Friday, 17 March 2017

This GTM is not coming over to Blyton Park - others are

It's only six weeks before the Mk1 Performance Conversions / Maximum Mini Action Day will take place again (it's the fourth in a row) at Blyton Park. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grand Touring Mini or GTM (more info here) there will be a great display of cars, ranging from very early Cox GTMs to GTM Rossa Mk2s and anything GTM in between. 

Unfortunately Alexis Bouvard is not coming over with his beautiful GTM Coupe from France, but he did send me these lovely studio shots of his car for you to enjoy. Hope to see you somewhere else soon Alexis!

Alexis Bouvard's GTM Coupe looks to be in a superb shape
Picture courtesy Alexis Bouvard

The car is rallied in France, hence the added spot lights
Picture courtesy Alexis Bouvard

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