Friday, 24 March 2017

For sale: the Deep Sanderson 301 moulds

With all those moulds coming out of the woodwork lately, ideas spring to people's minds. And so, I was made aware of the fact that the moulds for the Deep Sanderson 301 may also be for sale. And after a while some photos and a price came over, too. I'm not sure if the rear end is included, too, but fact is that this is an interesting lot. Oh - and if you need a rear end, you'll find two of them, taken from these very moulds, for sale here (click and scroll to below). The price is 5,000 GBP. An opportunity for budding car manufacturers? You'll need to fabricate chassis', too, but then you can build what is regarded as one of the most desirable Mini derivatives… Let me know if you are interested and I'll bring you in touch with the seller.

More moulds? See the ones that have turned up very recently here, together with those for the Deep Sanderson. These four were all unearthed this year! What's more to come?

Mini Marcos
Mini Jem
Siva Buggy
Reptune Gullwing

The Deep Sanderson 301 is rare. Approximately 15 were made with just a few survivors
Picture courtesy Carrie Lawrence

The moulds for the Deep Sanderson's low doors come in the deal, too
Picture courtesy Carrie Lawrence

As do the door skins, which come in this box
Picture courtesy Carrie Lawrence

And this is the mould for the car's bonnet
Picture courtesy Carrie Lawrence

Main tub with sills and the signature small air opening at the car's front
Picture courtesy Carrie Lawrence


  1. The front and rear ends that are IN those moulds belong to me. Peter Waldee who used to do the fiberglass for Chris will confirm that I paid for the restoration of th emoulds and had a spare pair made which he advised leaving in the moulds to keep everything in the best condition.

    1. Thanks for that Guy. I did not know anything of this.

  2. Always fancy a Deep Sanderson after seeing the article in Alternative Cars in the early '80's however may struggle for size!
    Moulds sound really interesting the problem would be sourcing the chassis and the Lawrence link suspension?