Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Antwerp shows some Mini derivatives

It's 60 years of the Mini this year, with a great number of exhibitions, shows, parades and festivals on its way to celebrate the Mini's anniversary. I have been made aware of several shows which will have Mini derivatives on display also. In the UK, Australia, France and Germany. One to kick off with was the classic motor show in Antwerp, which to my surprise had a GTM Coupe on display that I used to own, together with a Mk4 Mini Marcos and a Hrubon Schmitt. Do let me know if you are organizing an event that's worthy of mentioning here. 

60 Years of the Mini display in Antwerp. GTM Coupe and Mini Marcos are there, too
Picture Francois Tasiaux

Still looking good and now on Belgian plates - this car was owned by your's truly one day
Picture Bart Vanreusel

Mini Marcos is rather nice, too. It's a Mk4 car 
Picture Bart Vanreusel

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  1. we are at the NEC this weekend 10 mini based cars . Will send you photos J .