Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Holmbarth / Automec Special - did it race?

This old picture of a Swedish racing car was posted on a board for Swedish historic racing by Claes Boreus earlier this week. He asked if somebody knew what the car was and reader Eddie Fitzgerald sent it over to me. Well, well, this is in fact the Holmbarth 1100 that is also known as the Automec Special. I wrote about the car not too long ago (here and here) and am happy to hear that by this time the car is supposedly fully restored - although I haven't seen it in that state as for yet. 

The picture is interesting as the car appears to be parked in a race setting and I wonder which one that could be. Some years ago Bjorn Bellander wrote to me 'The Holmbarth never succeeded in racing and I never saw it on the track'. Apparently it did get entered at least once, as also one of the pictures in an earlier post seems to show. Who knows more?

The Holmbarth 1100 / Automec Special in what seems to be a racing setting
Picture via Claes Boreus

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  1. Fascinating history, would be great to see how it is now, Jeroen, that front end looks very similar to early Elva Courier.