Wednesday 20 March 2019

Mini Jaba restoration - an update

Spanish reader and Mini Marcos owner Adrian sent me some photographs of the Mini Jaba's restoration. This was the car found in a Spanish scrapyard in 2013 (click here). It's looking not too bad I think. Adrian, who emphasizes the car is not owned by himself but by his friend Lorenzo Jejeje, adds: "But we are still looking for information and photographs from 1971, when the car was exposed on Salon Elegancia de Barcelona 1971." I'd love see more of that, too.

Much converted rear side came with 'Landau' roof and modified boot lid with spare
Picture courtesy Adrian 

The front was even wackier, with GRP flip front and cycle wings in a 1930s style
Picture courtesy Adrian 

The Mini Jaba now needs a full restoration, but more information is still welcome
Picture courtesy Adrian 

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