Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The Mini's outer limits in print

Readers of Mini Magazine are updated about the restoration of the the Le Mans Mini Marcos in the magazine, where they can follow updates in the 'Our Cars' section. But since early this year I have agreed to make another series of articles for Mini Mag, now about the weird and wonderful of Mini based vehicles. We've called the column 'The Outer Limits' and the first few of have now seen print. From racing versions of Ogle SX1000s to the wacky Gyro-X and the mad Fairley Spoke in the current issue. Oh - I forgot to mention Kees Plugboer as a supplier of some of the pictures of the Spoke, so here we go. Thanks again Kees!

The twin-Mini Cooper engined Deep Sanderson 105 single-seater is up next. So if you like your Maximum Minis and love some more in-depth informations about some of the craziest of creations ever to have seen Mini mechanicals - or even Minis to use outlandish power supplies, go to your newspaper stand and buy that mag.

The March and April 2019 issues of Mini Magazine sporting 'The Outer Limits' column
Picture Mini Magazine

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