Friday, 5 June 2020

The Camber in the Castle

It's been some time since I wrote about Camber GTs and Maya GTs here with the last update dating back to some 18 months. Between 1966 and 1968 a grand (?) total of twelve of these cars (six of each model) is believed to have been built and, so far, I have been able to track down several of these. Find out more about them in the series by clicking on their registration numbers in this listing:

NPM 14F (Camber GT) 
RLL 8L (Camber GT) 
FNU 400H (Camber GT) 
HPN 14D (Camber GT) 
DEN 70D (Camber GT) 
KOO 589 (Maya GT) 
HPN 13D (Maya GT) 
RKM 473G (Maya GT) 
PAP 14F (Maya GT) 
??? 208H (Maya GT)

Some are still missing and, mysteriously, I have been told of a possible survivor in the unlikely premises of... a castle. Yes, really and it is supposedly located in Kent. The man who told me this unfortunately passed away some time ago but I have all the reason to believe him. 
So... before I embark on a trip to Kent to visit the dungeons of every possible castle I can find, it may be an idea to see if somebody else out here may know more about this intriguing story. I'd love to hear from you.

All the Camber and Maya articles can be found here

Peekaboo! Is there really a Camber GT or Maya GT hidden in a castle in Kent?
(UPDATE - for those of you who didn't see - this picture is not real and shows 'PAP 14F' in its current condition photoshopped into the image of a castle gate)
Imaging Jeroen Booij


  1. That image is fake. The outer part is the Portcullis at Leeds Castle. The original image can be found here

  2. Photoshopped picture of a portcullis gate at Leeds Castle, Kent (not the main entrance!)

  3. Ah, Surfblue63, you beat me to it!

  4. Oh yes it's fake. And it was never meant to be anything else. An article just needs an illustration, I think.