Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Market round-up (Summer 2020)

Just a few remarkable Mini derivatives that have made it to the market lately. Perhaps there's one for you among them..? Keep those tips coming.

That Autocom Buggy again! Snapped up by a Frenchman who had big plans for restoring it (here), but offering it once more. It doesn't seem much happened to it (click here)

What's better than a TiCi? Two TiCis of course! Great project cars for sale in Billingham, UK

Good looking Magenta with 1275 engine is seen for sale in Sawbridgeworth here

This tricycle was advertised as Owen Greenwood's famous trike but it's certainly not that!

I quite like this neat GTM Coupe that is offered for sale in Brittany, France (here)

And another one in France, just a bit more work to be done on this one! (here)

Let's continue the GTM theme. This looks like a great Rossa Mk1 in white with blue to me

Or do you prefer yours with red instead? This one is seen for sale in Lincolnshire here 

Strong money for a Scamp Mk1 but at least it looked to be a proper car (here)

And another Scamp Mk1 that seems cheap compared to it. Still for sale here
UPDATE 10:15: Buyers beware. I have been tipped off about the ad which is very likely a scam

This AEM Scout is badged as a 'Mole', which I found rather funny!

Grantura Yak looked okay and wasn't expensive I recall. Can't find the ad now. Anyone?

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  1. Meanwhile in NZ, a deJoux Mini GT.....