Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Mini Marcos Mk1 competition car started (well... almost)

When I was looking at Mk1 Mini Marcoses with competition shells lately I came across this video in the files, which I'd totally forgotten about. What we see is Gary Marlow's incredibly original car, which remains just about similar to what it looked like in 1966. I visited Gary some three years ago to see the Marcos' rear wheel arches as the ones on my car were too far gone to be saved. Gary suggested to start it up and I thought it was an idea to film that, expecting some very noisy moments with its side pipe. Well, the Marcos didn't start and Gary's neighbors remained friends. A nice snippet never the less!

Mk1 Mini Marcos remains just as it was raced by Barry Price in 1966. It didn't start though...
Video Jeroen Booij

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