Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bitten by the Bison (4)

Don't think our handy man 'Buffalo Bill' has been drooling around lately. In fact, he has finally found a rare set of rear tyres for the Mini Lamborghini: the CJC Bison. He writes: "The back wheels and tyres look great, I just need to save up for some front tyres now. Note the polished edge on the rims, it took ages but makes the wheels look great! Also, bought a spray to try and touch in some of the worse areas - most I am going to leave - patina ain't it? I filled and painted the little bumper and it is a perfect colour match - Alfa Rosso red. I have also started trimming the dash, but rain stopped play."

Chunky tyres suit wide arches well. Note craftsmanship on polished edges!

The thread may look simple, but Avon rear tyres (245/50/13!) are not cheap 

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