Friday, 24 June 2011

Mystery Mini derivative (12)

Yes, it's another Mystery Mini derivative, and, yes, it's another Mini Moke lookalike. But what is this one called? It comes with no clues at all. At first sight I believed it to be a modified ASD Hobo but I am not so sure about that anymore. The picture was sent to me by Roald Rakers, who has no idea either. Drop me a line if you do recognize it. Oh, and do have a look at the other Mystery Mini derivatives by clicking at the 'Mini Mystery derivative' label below (or here) if you like as there remain several nuts that need cracking.

Blunt styling and invisible number plate make this Moke pretender even more mysterious
Hat tip to Roald Rakers once again


  1. I know what this car is. Its a kitcar made in England called the SCAMP Funcar MK2 1000 an early model produced by the Robert Mandry Scamps Limited company based at East Grinstead and later at Rowfant both in Sussex. This one with modified front lights.

  2. Hi Marco, I don't think this is a Scamp, or could it be a modified one?