Thursday, 16 June 2011

Derivatives meet in Switzerland

Every year Mini owners gather around for the IMM: the International Mini Meeting that took place this year in Switzerland. I wasn't there last weekend, but collected some pictures from the web of the Mini derivatives that did make it to the event. Question is: where were the Swiss Stimsons?

You may recognize Aurelien Bini's lovely Mini Jem Mk2 from my book

The Gulf paint scheme remains popular. Here on a German Mk4 Mini Marcos

And another Mini Marcos Mk4 from Germany that made it to Switzerland

How about yellow with green on a Mini Marcos Mk3? It is from Switzerland

Clean lines, no opening tailgate. I would say this is a very desirable Marcos 

A nice Domino Pimlico on a sunny day. Why not open the roof top?

That's better. This Mini Mk2 seems nicely converted. A Crayford perhaps?

Not just a short Moke, this is a French Schmitt. Perfect for a hot day in Saint-Tropez 

Ideal for Swiss mountain roads? A Scamp Mk2 with picknick place at the rear


  1. Why not open the roof top? I was probably past out ????


  2. Ha! I'm sure a sunny drive in that nice car with the roof down should have sobered you up!

  3. Jeroen,
    in the pics on the internet i found another one