Monday, 6 June 2011

Love from Rome

How cool is this?
One of the better Mini derivatives that I have seen offered for sale during the last years was this particular Ogle SX1000 that spent most of its life in the US. Presumed to have 48,450 miles only on the clock and certainly in a very authentic looking condition, it looked like a time-warp to 1962. Where better to end up next then in Europe's most historic place? Yep, it went to Rome! See here.
The new owner writes: "On monday my Alfa 156 daily driver spewed oil from the servo steering and I put the Ogle into action for three days while the Alfa was being repaired. This included two trips to Rome, about 13 miles from my home, in 30 centigrade temperature. She ran beautifully and never missed a beat! The Ogle gets a lot of attention in Rome as nobody has literally (ever) seen one!"
Congratulations to the new owner and thanks to for sharing the pics.

Who wants to go and see the Mille Miglia when this drives in central Rome, too? 

Historic car, historic back drop. Note cool Californian black plates

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