Tuesday 5 July 2011

Another unique BMC Special

Look at this! It is a one-off special, said to be based on an Austin or Morris 1100 (don't say I didn't warn you) but fitted with a 1275 engine. It is registered in 1969 as 'BMC Special' and last driven officially on the road in 1997. Now it is offered for sale for the enthusiast looking for something else. Don't say it's ugly as I absolutely love it! It's for sale at 400 pounds only. That's cheap! Thanks Richard Hawcroft for the tip.

UPDATE 10 July 2011: It's got a name: the Chambers Special, after its builder. And a one-off it is.

Now that is one way to customise your 1100! Nose looks much like that of New Era Mini

A baby Volvo P544? Relatively tall and round 4-seat body should be much spacier then its base

Speaking about period style, have a look at this dashboard with cool centre console 

'Frenched' Cortina rear lights suit the rear well. Could that be a modified MGB boot lid?

1275 engine may be from a Mini but scuttle is clearly 1100. It's a non runner now


  1. hi i now own this car and the abc xfd 90h , i will contact you next week

  2. What a fantastic duo! Do get in touch.