Friday 8 July 2011

Wanted: ABC Tricar

A rare ABC Tricar has turned up on eBay this week, but unfortunately the Mini based three-wheeler is in a terrible state and has a non-original repro 'Clubman' nose. However, it made me wonder again if somebody knows of a Tricar that is slightly more photogenic, as I'd love to shoot one on my next visit to the UK. In my own archives I found details of five cars (you may note that they all come with local - Brierley Hill, Dudly - registration numbers!) and you can find out more about these below. Any help in tracking down a good example of the breed would be very much appreciated.

AFD 95J - Yellow, the works demonstrator, on sorn since 1986
LFD 504L - Yellow, now in Minnesota USA, too far for me at the moment!
EFD 654K - Green (originally white), on sorn since 1990 and very rough, Cardiff
HFD 601K - Red, on the road, seen in Leek at car show in 2008
XFD 90H - Blue, on the road, but where?

An ABC Tricar as seen in Leek, Staffordshire in 2008. Who knows its whereabouts?
Picture courtesy John B./

The eBay ABC. It's non-standard and very rough. Too bad for the book, unfortunately

UPDATE 6 september 2011: Trevor Powell, son of ABC Tricar designer Bill Powell, has a wealth of information about the Mini based three-wheeler that he is willing to share. See here

UPDATE 2 November 2011: Nothing heard of the man who reacted to this article, but by now I am in touch with the owner of the red car.

GRAND UPDATE 7 January 2021: Click here.


  1. hi xfd 90h is my car in storage in a bad way and not on the road ,it needs a full restoration , the car is in nottinghamshire

  2. Thank you very much for your message. Would you get in touch with me on ?

  3. hi will do ,this car xfd 90h seems to be on a lot of web sites and its in a mini book as well . i will get in touch

  4. Thank you. I look forwards to it!

  5. I owned an ABC tricar in the early 1970's.Its Registration number was EFD469K.I bought it from the company for £400.You could provide your own mini for conversion at a cost of £200.
    I wished I had done that as the mini they used for mine was clapped out and I was always having to do jobs on the original mechanics.It was red and I will try to get a polaroid picture of it sitting in my front garden in Hornchurch,Essex from my ex.The local paper did a piece about the car and me which may be available on microfilm if its still in their archives.

    1. Thanks very much for coming in! It would be great to learn a bit more about your car and see something of it - definitely worth an article here. You can e-mail me on

    2. to anonymos 29 june 2013 ,I dont know if this is the same car as you owned but I bought a ABC tricar in 2013 reg no EFD 654K which is the green ABC car in the photo,I'm restoring it and have welded in a new floor and new chassis rails

  6. Hi.
    There is a Tricar coming up for sale very soon in the London area.
    The current owner has had it for over 25 years, but it has been stored outdoors for a long time, so in need of lots of TLC.
    I have only seen a photo of the back end sticking out of a bush(!) and the number plate is partially obscured, but can definitely make out EFDxxxK, so it would appear to be the car mentioned above.
    We should have more information in a couple of week's time if anyone is interested in saving/restoring it.
    Berkeley Enthusiasts Club

    1. Very nice, please do keep me posted. This may be a good contender for Find of the next year!

    2. Hi what about that picture ;-)
      Would like to see lots of them as not many available online.

    3. Lots more pictures of the ABC in my new book, for sale here:

    4. Hi, I snapped BFD 131J this week, buried in stuff!
      OK to use my picture but please credit me/link to pic!