Monday 25 July 2011

Deep Sanderson makes healthy price

It's been sold: the aluminium bodied Deep Sanderson 301 that was auctioned this weekend (more here and here) at Silverstone Auctions' inaugural sale. Not for the 46,000-50,000 price that was estimated, but for 40,000 pounds. Still enough to become the best paid-for Mini derivative that I know of. The seller believes it could have made more, but is happy with the price that was paid for it in the auction as the market is considered to be weak at the moment. He says the car is bought by a European man, based in the UK. It will remain in its home country and will be raced regularly in the future, too. That's nice.

UPDATE 2 August 2011: Now that the auctioner has published their results it appears that the car did not make 40,000 but 36,000 pounds. The seller wrote to me to explain: "The hammer price was £36,000. You then add 10% commission to that - £39,600. Then you add in VAT of 20% on that commission, giving a total of £40,320. I earned £40,000 for my car. The man ended up paying well over £41,000 when you factor in transport costs etc."

The Deep Sanderson 301 races towards a healthy price
Picture courtesy Andrew Wright 

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