Thursday, 28 July 2011

I need you for Maximum Mini

Ladies and gentlemen, I need your help.

For my next visit to the UK I could do with another one or two (or three) photographable cars. There are quite a few really rare machines that I am still chasing, but meanwhile there are some more, ahem, regular ones that I'd like to have featured in the next book, too. However, so far I haven't been able to track them down. See them in the list below in alphabetical order. If you happen to have one of these, or know somebody who may know somebody who owns one, please get in touch through the comments below or at

ABC Tricar - yes, the three-wheeler, see more here
ASD Minim - according to its builder 7 were built, see also here
Beaver Mini - again 7 of them were around at one time, see here
Boxer Sprint - at least one was built as shows the brochure
Brookwell Trifid - four made, but are there any survivors?
Elswick Envoy - plenty of them made, but who has a proper one?
GTM Rossa Mk1 - I only see Mk2s - the earlier cars seem rare
Heerey GTM - these should be around in the UK. Who has one?
Magenta - I prefer the Magenta Sprint but like the 1100 based one, too
MDV Van - I have seen pictures of a few, but not one in the flesh
Mean Sonora - Do any Mini-based Sonoras survive at all?
Minus Maxi - And did anyone ever see one of these lately? Pic below
Navajo - Again 7 were built. The one that I know of is totally dismantled
Onyx Tomcat or Bobcat - There should be plenty of these around
Ranger Cub - These seem much rarer then the supposed 200 built, pic below
Seagull - At least one was made, and that's the one in the brochure, see below

Who could not love the 3-wheeled Ranger Cub? I need one to photograph

Mini based Seagull. It's strange, it's rare and I'd be dead keen to see one

A Minus Maxi. On the web you can find a blue one too, but who owns one?


  1. "Brookwell Trifid - four made, but are there any survivors?"

    We made five including the steel prototype - and we still have three of them here in Norfolk...

  2. One for sale on 23 Nov 2016