Monday, 15 October 2018

Beach Car spotted in Quebec

We are currently enjoying a real Indian Summer in this part of the world. And in Canada summer seems not to be over either. This Beach Car was spotted in Westmount, Quebec recently and the pictures were sent over to me by Miguel Plano. He wrote: "Shame about the seats, but I guess they are a necessity if you want to use it regularly..." Funnily, I have some more pictures of the same car of several years ago. It is also on Quebec plates on there and did have wicker seats, although not the originals or so it seems. Perhaps these have gone a long time already..?

An update from Miguel: "The wicker seats still exist, I got confirmation from someone who knows the car, they are safely stored away."

In the streets of Quebec: a Mini Beach car. This is the only one in Fiesta yellow
Picture through Miguel Plano

Original wicker seats have gone but this Beach Car still still makes every other car look dull
Picture through Miguel Plano

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  1. I later got confirmation by someone who knows the car that the wicker seats do still exist, and are stored safely.