Thursday, 19 November 2020

Maximum Mini - Find of the Decade

2020 has been a remarkable year so far. And not just for virus-reasons, but also for finding back forlorn Mini based cars. Up until now more remarkable cars have made it to the finds list on here then ever before, with a few more stories of discoveries coming up soon. As tradition dictates we'll have the now-established 'Find of the Year' election here in December. 

But how about the last decade? Many more Mini derivatives were found through the years, and I thought it would be nice to list the 'Find of the Year' winners of the last 10 years here again. What's more: which one do you consider to be the best out of these? In other words: what will be the Maximum Mini Find of the Decade? You decide. Send your answers below in the comments, or reach me through any other way you like. 

2010 - The Beach Car prototype found in a Greece scrapyard. More here

2011 - The unspoilt Cox GTM found in a Cheshire garage. More here 

2012 - The mystery Maya GT found in a Kent garden. More here

2013 - The Mini Jaba found in a Spanish scrapyard. More here

2014 - The Mean Sonora BMC found in a Belgian garden. More here

2015 - The Landar R7 found in a lock-up in Germany. More here

2016 - The 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos found in Portugal. More here

2017 - Dame Margot Fonteyn's coachbuilt Mini found in the UK. More here

2018 - The Peel Viking 'Dutch demonstrator' in a German barn. More here

2019 - Project X found in an Australian lock-up. More here


  1. The Mean Sonora BMC

  2. 2018, the Peel Viking mainly due to the back story of reuniting after such a long time. Credit also to the R7, a quick car then and now.

  3. 2016 has to be the find of the CENTURY.
    So obviously it will be the find of the decade.Got to love a Mini Marcos.

  4. Has to be the Le Mans Mini Marcos for me as through reading with interest about that car in Mini Magazine, that then led me to this blog and the subsequent purchase of the Maximum Mini books when I wanted to know more about the vast variety of Mini derivatives. I've been addicted ever since! Keith