Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Camber/Maya files: ???208H

For the time being this is the last part in a series about the Camber GT and Maya GT cars that I know of. After having described eight cars from old pictures that I have and stories that I heard, the final Maya GT that I know of is a bit of a mystery. From the only picture that I have of it, its registration number can only partly be seen, clearly ending with '208H' which makes it a 1969 registration and thus a very late car, or build. It shows a white Maya GT with 10 inch J.A.Pearce wheels but that is about all I know. Perhaps some of you guys will be able to tell me more about it?

Maya GT wears JAP aluminium wheels. The picture appears to be old
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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NPM14F (Camber GT)
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KOO589 (Maya GT)
HPN13D (Maya GT)
RKM473G (Maya GT)
PAP14F (Maya GT)
???208H (Maya GT)

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