Monday, 10 October 2011

Cox GTM badges reproduced

Fact was, that the earliest Cox GTMs (55 made, or so is believed) came with a proud badge on their delicate, bumper less noses. But no one seemed to remember what these looked like, and from the black & white pictures known, it was impossible to get a good impression. But that changed when this car emerged from its Cheshire lock-up after some 40-odd years. It still wore its original 'Grand Touring Mini' emblem sticker and so it could now be reproduced. And that is exactly what was done. I received an envelope with some of these badges and must say they are of excellent quality. Anyone desparatily needing one, drop me a line and I will bring you in touch with the chap who had them made.

Cox GTM logo graced Howard Heerey's racer, too, as shown in John Baggott's Mini - The Racing Story

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