Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sport Tottini spotted

A Mini Moke may have the aerodynamics of a refrigerator - that does not keep people from racing them. In fact there was even a racing cup in the mid-1990s with Mini Moke based vehicles. Their rather incredible shape was due to aerodynamic improvements and they were given the pet name Sport Tottini. Of course no where else than in Japan. The Sport Tottini was actually one of the earliest Mystery Mini derivatives on this weblog, see here, and back then Chris Rees supplied most information about them. According to Chris the cars were conceived by a computer software company called Y&T Associates, with the fibreglass body transformation undertaken by Mooncraft, featuring an Austin-Healey Sprite style grille and a long rear deck. Of the supposed 27 cars built two versions were available: a single-seater for racing, and a two-seater for road use. Now, Mini Marcos owner Dennis Overgaard Nielsen, who is in Japan at the moment, made me aware that one of these road cars has come for sale over there. "I want it badly", he wrote and so I gave him the details of a specialist importer. I can only hold my breath now. Interested, too? Click here.

Hello there. I am a Mini Moke. No really.


  1. Some video of the racing version here

  2. He he, i have to disapoint you there mate. Unfortunately there is neither funds or room in my garage to buy this little gem. But i do love it, and i will really try to make time to go and see it.

  3. That's some nice footage Neil. Thanks for it.
    Dennis: go and have a look at the DS 301, too, and I', sure you will be tempted once again!