Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Silverstone's GTM Rossa

Last week, Paul Irvine asked me if I knew more about a GTM Rossa that appears to have been built specifically for the Silverstone track, which unfortunately I don't. Paul wrote: "Hi Jeroen. I have been messing around with Mini based kit cars for the last 30 years. With the research you have carried out over the last few years have you ever come across any information on the GTM Rossa shown in the photo? I have been trying to find out some details but have drawn a blank so far and thought you may know some of the history of this car." In fact the good looking Mk1 Rossa was new to me, although I did read somewhere that the car was restored using a 1293cc A-series with intercooled supercharger producing 200bhp and mated to a 6-speed Jack Knight dog box. Paul ads to that: "The first time I saw any photos of the car were on the GTM owners club stand. From what I have found out is the car was driven by Jackie Oliver, this may be misinformation as I have put a few posts on the owners club forum with little response. Maybe a few words on your blog would prompt a discussion?" Well, why not? So here we go mate: who knows more?

Was GTM Rossa driven by Jackie Oliver at 2009 Silverstone Classic?


  1. I got pics of this car

    1. Hi Matty
      Would you be able to send the pics to Jeroen so they could be used or passed on to me.
      Paul I

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding to this request for information but I have only just noticed this blog. This GTM was built for Jackie Oliver to drive in the Mini and Mini derivatives race at the 2009 Silverstone Classic. Jackie Oliver ran it in practice but it overheated due to an inadequate intercooler on the supercharger. It was retired before the race. The engine was built to deliver 200bhp but only achieved 158bhp on the dyno. It had a Knight six-speed box. After SC09, the engine and gearbox were removed and replaced with a 1300cc Hayabusa engine (187bhp) and 6 speed sequential box for track days. The final drive is through a Qaife unit. The ensemble delivered astonishing performance and, at Goodwood,the 11000rpm rev limit blew away the sound recording equipment so we had to limit it to 9000rpm. Unfortunately,the driveshafts proved inadequate during fast runs at the SC11 media day. Replacements are being specially built with the objective of enabling the engine to be enhanced by changing the barrels to 1500cc and adding a supercharger which should deliver 400bhp. The car was beautifully restored and has a full roll cage and all the usual race refinements but with the added benefit of a passenger seat and full harness. When the barrels are changed, the exhausts will be Zircoteced to reduce heat transfer into the cabin. The car is still road legal and will be used on the road when the work is completed over the winter of 2012/13. At the same time, an electric reverse will be installed.

  3. Well, better late then sorry. Thank you very much for your very comprehensive comment! It makes it about time to do a little write-up about the car again, I'd say.