Wednesday, 5 October 2011

More lovely Landar images

After a stack of Landar R6 images sent over to here by Tim Dyke last year, a few more pictures of this cool Mini based racing car were sent over to me recently by Andy Downes. Andy is a real Mini derivative fan, owning a Status Minipower chassis (more on that later), and came in here when looking for Deep Sanderson information. He wrote: "I am a Morgan man at heart (but also have a Gilbern Invader) and know well the exploits of Chris Lawrence, I went to the memorial service last week and saw the ‘Twini’ and also one of the early Deep Sandersons, hence I came to renew my interest and found you! I have wanted a DS for a long time but my dream would be a Landar... Find some pictures of a Landar attached that came from the guy I bought the Status from. They were taken at Donington racetrack but no idea when." Perhaps somebody else can shed a light on them? They surely seem to be of 1980s vintage..?

Now that's what I call low slung! Mean green Landar R6 at Donington

This appears to be another car, but it was snapped at Donington, too

Space frame chassis, but Mini front subframe is also incorporated at rear


  1. The Deepy at Chris' Memorial was the one I used to own, the prototype, that raced in 1963 and 1964. I have recently been in touch with the owner during the early 1970's - he found it in a garden at a Union's HQ! I have some fab 1970's shots of him with it at Blackbushe aerodrome in 1971 for a JDC sprint. The Memorial for Chris was a lovely day, well attended and with a fair few of Chris' machines, from Deepy to Twini to Monica and all manner of Morgans!

  2. Wow! Thanks for coming in Miniman. I reckon you were the person who advertised the DS in Classic Cars magazine? It would be fantastic to see some of the pictures that you mention.

  3. Hello Miniman, we probably walked past each other at Malvern ! The CL Memorial was indeed a sad but lovely day - what a remarkable man.

    I somehow knew about Deepys before I knew about Morgans and Chris Lawrence in the early 70s and have wanted one ever since.