Friday, 21 October 2011

Maximum Mini Market?

Good grief, I have been offered quite a few Mini derivatives over the last few weeks. And some nice ones, too. And they made me think. Wouldn't it be an idea to have a section on this blog with cars, or parts, for sale? But how could I actually do this, being only just able to post articles on this blog and illustrate them? Maybe you have some thoughts over this? Yes, I could simply make an extra page with some pictures and a text blurb for the cars on offer, but there surely must be a more clever way? Perhaps I could even become a bit better from it, economically, as this blog keeps me busy and so far only costs me time. Time in which, I reckon, I could also do sensible things and earn some money. Do let me know.


  1. Good idea Jeroen,

    a page would be a good way to start, and see what suggestions come in.