Monday 24 October 2011

Whatever happened to this Maya GT?

So our Camber/Maya files have come to an end, haven't they? Not really, as I will keep on chasing these fine Mini derivatives and keep you informed when I do come across something new. As a matter of fact it's been a while since I got a message from Simon Coleman who recalled having seen a Maya GT in a field. Simon wrote: "I found it near Ashford in Kent (not far from Camber). I took this photo in 2007, shortly before it was sold (he wanted £500 for it, which was more than I could afford). Would love to know what happened to it, but suspect it went to Japan!? Great website by the way!" Unfortunately that's just about all Simon remembers, and he did not recall a registration number either. All I can tell is that it surely is a Maya GT (just look at the headlights) and that it appears to have been red earlier in its life, and maybe white, too? Perhaps it is this one? Or this mystery Maya? Who will tell?

UPDATE 28 March 2012: The car is found, still in Ashford and still in very rough condition. Click here

Mystery Maya GT was last seen in a field near to Ashford in 2007
Picture: Simon Coleman

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