Friday, 18 November 2011

What is 2011's Best Find?

It's been almost a year since one exciting discovery was made in Greece. Remember the beach car prototype that was found in a scrap yard? (more here and here). Meanwhile, the car that made it to 'Best find of 2010' on this blog is painstakingly being brought back to its former glory by its current owner. Last week he sent me an update, writing: "Here are a few pics of the car at its current state. The engine will soon be finished and fitted to the car. After that its the never ending fiting and tuning of little things." The idea is to have it finished at around the end of this year, as he continues: "It is progressing, albeit at a slower pace. I have fitted most of the interior, some of the brightwork and the engine has been stripped and is ready for assembly. I would like to finish the car by Christmas but probably won't!"

By that time we may have sorted out the 'Best find of 2011', too. I guess I can choose that on my own, but on the other hand, it may be nicer if you guys did it. What there is to choose from? Well, this one should definitely be a contender. Or how about this one? Or this? Hang on, we've got this one, too. Not to mention our own project car here. And then, there are six weeks left to come up with another great find. Anyway: let me know which one you prefer or I will judge myself.

Beach car is progressing slowly. Well... according to its current owner!

He appears to be doing a cracking job. Blue is nearest to its original colour. 


  1. Hallo Jeroen,

    It has to be the 'Time Warp Cox' for me.

    Best Wishes


  2. Hi Jeroen,

    For me personally, it has to be the Bison from Blighty. The CJC Bison aka the Mini Lamborghini. Perhaps not the most original one, but it is spectacular...
    Please continue with the good job you are doing with the Mini deratives. A continuing story!!!


  3. Hallo Jeroen,

    My vote is for the Bison in admiration of the engineering solutions like the position of those master cylinders. Worthy of a feature in the next book.

    Dennis van Eck

  4. Thank you gentlemen.
    Meanwhile, I have added a little poll in the top right corner of this blog to vote on one of the 5 contenders. Please do give your vote there, too.

  5. The period Cox, is such a nice find, but I must say, that the Bison has my vote, its such a cool "thingie" and respect to its new owner, for not scrapping it. I was afraid that might have happened, when it sold for such low price.

    Jens Christian

  6. A very good reason indeed to vote for the Bison, Jens!